Common Summer Sounds That Cause Hearing Loss

Summer is one of the most beloved times of year. In no other season is there such a desire to be outside in the warm summer air with your family and friends. With so many nice sports and attractions to go through during the season, it is hard to imagine that these common summer sounds can cause hearing loss. Here we will take a look at the most dangerous noises that occur during summer and how you can save your hearing from them.


One of the best ways to celebrate the summer months is by kicking back and enjoying the sites of some fireworks. While these are usually reserved for town celebrations or for holidays, they are always a welcome sight. However, each explosion can produce an ear-ripping 150 decibels of sound. The average human beings pain threshold is around 85 decibels, which is also the point where damage begins occurring.

Machine Noises

Another one of the most common summer sounds that can cause hearing loss comes from machines being used to manicure lawns. From a lawn mower roaring in the morning, to weed whackers and edgers being used by landscapers, each machine can produce a mind numbing amount of noise. Hearing damage from this source is not acute in most cases, rather, it is a culmination of long term exposure.

Sports Events

Perhaps the best part about summer is taking in a good sporting event and relaxing with the family. While a soccer match is not going to harm your hearing, a motorsport can produce decibel levels that are high enough to cause discomfort and damage. Long term exposure to the roar of an engine can cause permanent hearing impairment, though it will not usually present symptoms for years.

Musical Concerts

Going to an all-day musical festival is one of the defining experiences of many youths. The ear thumping bass of a speaker that is made to reach the back of an arena will not do your hearing any favors, though. In fact, it can lead to acute and long term hearing loss as well as temporary deafness depending on how long you are exposed to the loud noises.

Saving Your Hearing

One of the best ways that you can go about protecting your level of hearing is through wearing earplugs. These plugs provide a physical barrier between the sound and your eardrums, preventing the high levels of decibels from harming your ears.

The other simple way to prevent hearing loss from common summer sounds is to expose yourself to fewer activities which can harm your hearing. For example, do not stay for an entire sporting event, and get seats far away from a fireworks display.

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