Hearing Aids

If you are experiencing hearing loss and looking for high-quality hearing care and hearing aids in Phoenix and Gilbert, AZ, then Arizona Balance & Hearing Aids is the right place for you! We carry a variety of advanced hearing aids in the latest styles that offer our patients many benefits. Our state-of-the-art hearing solutions have been proven to boost hearing clarity, allowing you to enjoy the sounds you love.

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Advanced Technology

In addition to the latest styles, we also offer hearing aids with the most advanced technology. When you choose us for your hearing care, you can look forward to the following:

iPhone compatibility
Open ear hearing aid technology for optimal comfort
Wireless communication
Bluetooth connectivity
Designer styles in a variety of colors
Rechargeable batteries

Flexible Financing

Our experienced team knows how hearing loss can affect every aspect of your life and we never want cost to prevent you from receiving the care you need. That's why we accept in-network insurance plans, 0% interest financing through Care Credit, and an all-inclusive subscription plan through TreatmentFi. We also offer a discount/bonus to our patients who choose to pay in full with cash for their hearing aids. This discount does not apply to credit card payments. This is just another way we put our patients first!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Additionally, we offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and a 60-day trial on our hearing devices. If you aren’t happy with your treatment outcome or need help fine-tuning your devices to get the clearest hearing possible, we are here to support you!

Oticon Intent

Oticon Intent revolutionizes hearing aids with user-intent sensors that adapt to natural behaviors and listening needs. This technology provides personalized sound experiences, catering to those who seek to fully engage with their surroundings.

Resound Nexia

ReSound Nexia differentiates itself with its robust connectivity options, allowing seamless integration with various devices, ensuring users not only experience top-tier sound quality but also unmatched versatility in daily use.

Phonak Lumity

Phonak Lumity boasts adaptive technology that intuitively adjusts to diverse listening environments, setting it apart with its real-time sound calibration for a more natural auditory experience.

Signia IX

Signia IX excels with its high-definition binaural sound processing, distinguishing itself by providing users with a stereo hearing experience that mimics natural ear-to-ear coordination.

Starkey Genesis AI

Starkey Genesis AI integrates cutting-edge artificial intelligence, differentiating it from others by offering personalized sound enhancements and real-time feedback on hearing health metrics.

Hearing Aid Models

We offer the latest models from the best manufacturers in the hearing aid industry, including Oticon, Resound, Starkey and more.

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