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As a healthcare provider, keeping your patients happy and healthy is your utmost priority. At Southwest Balance, Dizziness & Ear Institute, we believe we can help you achieve this goal with our exclusively licensed advanced vestibular diagnostic and treatment methodologies.

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Standard vs. Comprehensive Vestibular Diagnostic Battery

Videonystagmography (VNG) may be commonly used for diagnosing vestibular disorders, but it misses 68% of patients with such disorders.

Our comprehensive vestibular diagnostic battery offers 95% sensitivity for assessing the functional ability of the 10 peripheral vestibular end organs in a static and dynamic state.

This allows us to individualize treatment programs specific to each patient's vestibular thresholds and current state.

Standard Diagnostics - 32% Diagnostic Sensitivity
Comprehensive Diagnostics - 95% Diagnostic Sensitivity

Benefits of AVT

Higher Clinical Efficacy

AVT has been proven to deliver up to 93% clinical efficacy, signficantly higher than VRT's 50-70%.

Shorter Treatment Time

AVT has a shorter treatment time compared to VRT, with patients demonstrating objective and subjective improvement after as little as six weeks of treatment.

Improved Patient Outcomes

The customizability of AVT specific to each patient's vestibular thresholds and current state leads to significantly improved outcomes compared to traditional VRT.

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Advanced Vestibular Treatment
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