Halloween Costume Ideas for Children with Hearing Aids

Halloween costume ideas for kids with hearing aids

Your kid is a magical and imaginative person every day of the year, and Halloween is the day to go all out and celebrate. With a bit of handicraft, you can transform traditional Halloween staples or more popular characters into hearing aid friendly costumes!Here are a few ideas:


The prequel to Despicable Me was a hit this summer, with adorable, resourceful little guys beating all odds. Putting together a Minions costume is fairly simple: Kevin, Stuart, Bob, and the other Minions are all single-celled yellow characters, most of them piecing together whatever clothes they can find to “fit in.” A pair of denim overalls, yellow face paint, black gloves and boots, and goggles should do the trick, with some styling product to turn your kid’s hair into little spikes.You could also find a yellow beanie and attach black felt cut-outs to the top to simulate their zany hair, and make goggles out of Mason jar caps. Each minion is diverse in their own way, so the hearing aid will enhance the unique qualities of your kid.

Science-fiction and superhero characters

This year saw a reboot of our favorite sci-fi and superhero series, such as Star Wars and Avengers, which still remain popular with kids of all ages. Iron Man, whose entire existence depends on the miracles of technology, would be an innovative costume. Batman is another character who utilizes technology against his foes. The hearing aid will seamlessly fit into the high-tech get-ups of these superheroes.Star Wars characters such as R2-D2, Darth Vader, Boba Fett, and C-3PO all don futuristic, android gear, which would meld perfectly with the sensitive machinery in your kid’s ears. Princess Leia’s hair buns are a great cover for a kid who is shyer about her hearing aid. Most of these costumes are available at larger shops. One mom turned her kid’s hearing aid itself into a superhero!

Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter

For the fantasy-lover, there is no shortage of characters in Lord of the Rings and the Harry Potter series with fantastical ears. From the hobbits to the elves in LOTR to Dobby the house-elf in the Potter series, you can fashion their pointy ears out of paper.When crafting these ears, you will be able to customize the mold to fit around your kid’s ear without taking away from the hearing aid’s receiver. Cloaks, satchels, and loose trousers and shirts are easy to repurpose from items at home – use an old wool blanket for a cloak and turn an old tote bag into a little pouch for your little one.

Old-school animals and witches

These work well for kids who are little shyer about their hearing aids. Lions, cats, bears – all of these animal costumes require a fuzzy headdress. If you’re making the costume by hand, be sure to line the inside of the headdress to prevent excess lint and fake fur from accessing the hearing aid. Consider a wild-colored wig for your little witch to wear under the pointy hat.

Happy Halloween!

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