Tips for traveling with hearing aids

TIPS FOR TRAVELING WITH HEARING AIDS AND HEARING LOSSIf variety is the spice of life, than travel makes things especially tasty. From summer vacations to winter wonderlands and romantic getaways, your traveling days do not have to be hindered by hearing loss. Modern hearing aids can make travel especially exciting. Never again will you miss a flight delay announcement or the pitter patter of tiny feet again. Here’s how to get the most out of your vacation with hearing aids:

Several Days Before You Depart

While you’re out picking up last minute travel items and having your newspaper delivery paused, be sure to have your hearing aids checked. Your audiologist can give your device a thorough cleaning as well as change the batteries and fine-tune the programming. Now is the time to mention any issues you may have been experiencing with the fit or function of your hearing aids. This quick stop will help to ensure you get the most performance out of your hearing aids while you’re away.


You’ve read all the latest travel “hacks” in your Facebook news feed and now you’re ready to try them out. With all that extra space you have created in your suitcase by rolling your clothes like burritos instead of stacking them, you’re certain to find a spot for a small travel case. You’ll want to invest in a new, or clean out an old hearing aid travel case. These can be purchased at any drugstore and are inexpensive. Your nightly routine will be different while in a hotel room or while staying with relatives and you’ll need to ensure safe storage. Bonus tip: be sure to throw extra batteries both in your suitcase as well as in your carry on bag.

The Friendly Skies

Traveling by air has gotten a whole lot easier for those with hearing loss. Many airports now have induction loops installed to assist you in hearing details in their busy and loud environment. If your hearing aid is equipped with a telecoil, this magnetic field will automatically be picked up by your hearing aid and the sound will be transmitted directly through your aid for easy listening. You’ll never miss a boarding call or flight delay update again. Look for the sign showing an ear next to the speakers for the PA system.*Tip: When passing through the security check-point, remove your hearing aids before passing through one of the new complete body scanners. You can place your aids with your personal belonging to be scanned separately. This will prevent any changes to the hearing aid programing which can be caused by the body scanners.&nbsp

Staying With Friends Or Relatives

Once you’ve reached your destination, it’s natural to want to spend as much quality time with those you’ve missed so much. If this includes staying in their home be sure to keep your hearing aids safe. Small children and pets are notoriously curious creatures. You wouldn’t want them to grab hold of your hearing aid and pose a choking hazard or potentially damage your aids. This is where that travel case will come in handy. While you shower, swim or sleep be certain to keep your hearing aids closed tightly in a case and stored up high where they are safe and out of reach.If you enjoyed traveling before treating your hearing loss, there is no reason to stop now. By following these tips, your time away from home can be just as fun and adventurous as it always has been. Savor the sweet sounds of an even sweeter life. You’ve earned it.

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