When Should I Update My Hearing Aids?

If you’ve had your hearing aids for several years, compare your experience now to the time before you were fitted for them. Do you remember how muddled sounds were before? Do you remember straining to hear?If you’ve experience sound that is not as clear as usual with this current pair of hearing aids, it may be a sign that your hearing aids are in need of repair or maintenance. You may also need your hearing aids re-fitted if they are not functioning properly. As with all electronic devices, hearing aids may not function as well over time due to regular wear. Most hearing aids last an average of five to seven years, depending on the model, style, and environmental factors.If you’re experiencing changes in your hearing, here are factors to consider about updating your hearing aids.

Your Hearing Aids are Not Working as Well

Hearing aids are powerful little devices, and it’s important to consider the work they do every day. From the moment you wake up until the moment you go to bed, hearing aids are working to provide you with clear sound signals and speech intelligibility. In some instances, your hearing aids may even connect you to your smartphone, and stream phone calls, music, and other media.It’s important to take precautionary measures with your hearing aids, by storing them in a safe dry location, ensuring that they have not been exposed regularly to moisture, humidity, or other elements. It’s also important to make sure that your hearing aids are regularly cleaned and maintained by our team at Arizona Balance and Hearing Aids. While repairs here and there are normal, if your hearing aids are malfunctioning regularly or they require much more maintenance, it may be time to update your hearing aids.Problems that may indicate you need a new pair of hearing aids include: quickly draining batteries, even though you’ve just replaced them; constant buzzing or whistling that won’t go away with repairs; and inconsistent sound quality and volume that doesn’t change with repairs.Before you decide to update your hearing aids, contact us at Arizona Balance and Hearing Aids. One of our team members will take a look at your current pair of hearing aids to determine their current performance level and abilities.

Your Hearing Abilities Have Changed

The important thing to remember is that your sense of hearing constantly changes. Even if you’ve treated your hearing loss with hearing aids, this doesn’t mean the condition is cured. Hearing loss may worsen over time.Therefore, if sounds are not quite as clear as before and the features of your hearing aids no longer work as well as they once did, visit us at Arizona Balance and Hearing so we can check out your hearing aids. If there doesn’t seem to be any issue with the hearing aids, it may be that your hearing abilities have changed and it’s time to take a new hearing test.At your hearing test, we will identify your current hearing abilities. We’ll use this information to determine whether you need to update your hearing aids to a pair that will better meet your current hearing needs.

Your Lifestyle Has Changed

When you were fitted for your current pair of hearing aids, you consulted with your hearing specialist about different aspects of your lifestyle. These factors are important to finding the perfect pair of hearing aids to seamlessly fit into your life.With major lifestyle changes, you may find that you require your hearing aids to have a longer battery life or wireless features. If you’ve recently switched jobs, you may consider updating to a pair of hearing aids that offer technology to better fit your occupation. If you’ve taken up a new sport, you may want a pair of hearing aids that are moisture or sweat resistant to provide better protection.Most hearing aids are digital and offer sophisticated features and technology to the different aspects of hearing loss. With wireless connectivity, phone calls, music, and other media may be streamed directly from a smartphone, your car, or your home entertainment system. Additionally, new and improved hearing aid features provide better cancellation of background noise and improve speech recognition.

You Want the Latest Technology

When’s the last time you looked at the newest hearing aids on the market? Manufacturers are consistently rolling out new and improved models, providing ground-breaking technology with ultra-fast processing systems, wireless capabilities, and incredible sound features. Did you know there’s a new hearing aid that connects directly to the Internet? Tech junkie or not, there’s a lot of exciting new features available to help you hear even better.

Visit Us at Arizona Balance and Hearing Aids

Hearing aids are an excellent investment in your hearing health, and your overall health. They connect you to your loved ones and ensure your safety and security. If you’ve experienced changes with your hearing aids, your hearing abilities, or your lifestyle, you may want to update your hearing aids.At Arizona Balance and Hearing Aids, we offer advanced hearing aids with the most updated technology. Visit us for more information.

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