Hearing Loss & Dementia Risk

Individuals with hearing loss are at an increased risk for developing cognitive decline and dementia. In fact, current studies find that treating hearing loss is the single most modifiable risk factor for reducing the risk of dementia.

While your risk for dementia increases with the degree of hearing loss, it is important to note that even mild hearing loss can increase your risk by as much as 200%! If you or a loved one struggles to hear clearly, our experts can help reduce your risk of hearing loss and dementia.

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  • Difficulty hearing when background noise is present
  • The TV or radio needs to be louder for you than for your spouse or family
  • Trouble following a conversation in the car
  • Frequent need to ask others to repeat themselves

Whether you suffer from slight or significant hearing loss, your cognitive abilities are likely to be adversely affected. A medical study by Johns Hopkins demonstrated that untreated hearing loss increases the risk of developing dementia by 200% to 500%! There is hope, however! According to recent evidence from Columbia University, today’s leading treatment options for hearing restoration can help to slow down or even prevent the development of dementia.At Arizona Balance & Hearing Aids, our audiologists work to combat dementia by staying at the forefront of modern hearing technology. By providing cutting-edge treatment options, our goal is to help you keep your mind sharp while improving your hearing loss.

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